5 Ways to Help Support Veterans

Would you like to know a few tangible ways to help veterans in the Sarasota community?

Well, we’re glad you share our enthusiasm, and there are many ways to assist former/active service members. Whether you’re inclined to help elderly vets who are sick in the hospital or lend support to active troops, your efforts won’t be in vain. Here are five ways you can make a major difference with just a small investment of time and effort.

5 Ways to Help Support Veterans

  1. Help Distribute Medical Resources
    • There’s a non-profit group, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), that specialize in getting medical and mental health assistance for veterans. There is plenty of room to make a difference since at least 20% of veterans suffer from PTSD, to say nothing of the multitude of other health conditions. You can help veterans with something as simple as chauffeuring them to and from medical facilities, volunteering at hospitals, or visiting the lonely.
  2. Serve Food to Homeless Vets
    • You might have noticed there are a lot of food delivery services these days. If you’re experienced in this area, you might devote a small portion of your time to delivering food to homeless vets. This is no small problem with 37,000 homeless vets across America, some of them in prosperous states like Florida. 
  3. Buy a Vet a Service Dog
    • Do you breed dogs or know somebody else who does? If you can spare one for a lonely veteran, it’s an overlooked way to boost someone’s morale. Some breeders and organizations raise dogs specifically for this purpose.
  4. Build a Home for a Sarasota Veteran
    • Home building is a fun and rewarding activity in and of itself. It’s also a tremendous charitable act to assist homeless vets. The group, Homes for Our Troops, often partners with skilled tradesmen to put a reliable roof over someone’s head.
  5. Donate Free Phone Call Opportunities to Active Vets
    • Military families endure so much whenever their service son, daughter, spouse, or parent has to go overseas for a lengthy deployment. You can help those families enjoy a web call or Zoom call after weeks or months without seeing their loved one in the service. It’s a game changer for troops in remote areas where long-distance communication is scarce or expensive.

That’s our current Top 5 List for ways to help veterans, but there are several other opportunities to get involved as well. SRQ Vets facilitates all these endeavors and more for the benefit of local veterans in the Sarasota and Bradenton area. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, feel free to call us at 941-777-8387.

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