Activities for Veterans Suffering from PTSD

While there’s still a great deal of misinformation regarding PTSD, over 350 million people worldwide have returned from active tours of duty and are currently afflicted with the disorder. While there are many psychotherapy outlets for veterans to reach out to, many alternative forms of help are currently being explored to offer help to those who have been afflicted by the trauma of the experience. Some of these we’ll be discussing at length today. 

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Horseback Riding 

Many of the activities we’ll be looking at today involve various outdoor activities. Many experts in the field have attested to the benefits that the outdoors have for mental health. Among these is horseback riding. Cognitive, physical, and emotional healing is the result of fostering a connection with horses. 


While it’s not as popular of a vocation as it once was, beekeeping has been found to be very therapeutic. By raising bees and harvesting their honey, those afflicted with PTSD feel they’re giving back to nature. 

Cycling & Surfing 

Physical activity has long been attributed to the benefits of mental health. Cycling and surfing are no exception to this medically based fact. Vitamin D, which our bodies absorb from the sun, and the chemicals our brain releases due to physical movement are both elements that can help improve the mental health of veterans returning from overseas. 

Service Dog Training 

Aside from physical and outdoor activities, you might have noticed that a considerable amount of the items on our list involve communion with animals. There’s a very distinct reason for this. Many veterinary studies have shown that many species of animals have an empathetic connection with humans who have hurt. We have a cycle of helping and healing that will surely continue by training service animals to heal others. 


For centuries, many practitioners of Yoga have attested to its healing attributes, both of which are physical and mental. In the past few decades, the practice has grown in popularity and, much like acupuncture, has led many to take a more serious look at the healing benefits of eastern medicine. 

Organized Sports

Camaraderie and working as a cohesive unit is something that all veterans learned at one point. Organized sports promote physical activity and reinforce team-building and interpersonal relationships. Softball, hockey, and basketball are all great for those suffering from PTSD. 

SRQ Vets 

If you’re looking to get involved and help the Veterans who call Sarasota home, SRQ Vets is a wonderful organization to get involved with. By veterans for veterans, we’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to the recovery and well-being of those returning from overseas. For more information on us, visit

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