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According to the US Census Bureau data, there are approximately 17.4 million US veterans. All veterans have to deal with various issues after serving in the military. Unfortunately, they are often without the help they need to integrate into society so that they can lead happier and healthier lives after the military. 

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Vet Girls Rock Day

Women are often overlooked when we acknowledge veterans. For more than 100 years, women have filled the same roles as men in the United States military, but have not been met with the same level of recognition. In order to help female veterans receive the attention they deserve, National Vet Girls Rock Day is celebrated on February 19. Learn more about this holiday:

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VJ Day & Patriot Day

September marks not one, but two significant days for the United States military. V-J Day is September 2 and Patriot Day is September 11. Keep reading to learn more about these holidays.

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July is an important month for veterans. July 4 is Independence Day, while National Hire A Veteran Day falls on July 25, 2021. To learn more about National Hire A Veteran Day, read on.

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Who are the SRQ Vets?

A group of veterans in southwest Florida realized that there was a need to get help from veterans who were not able to find assistance on their own. So they formed the non-profit group SRQ Vets to offer a range of assistance and services to other veterans. The group is proud to have a positive effect both on the veteran population centered on Sarasota Florida but also on the community in general.

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