Celebrating Veterans Day 2022

It’s almost Veterans Day, and we want to talk about some effective ways to celebrate and honor those who dedicated significant time and effort to serving the United States. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to do this whether you visit someone in the hospital, or honor vets in your home or workplace. These are a few ideas to consider as we approach Veterans’ Day this November 11th.

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Ways to Celebrate Veterans’ Day

  1. Put Together Care Packages for Vets
    • This is a solid way to help both active and retired vets because, as you know, there are many young folks in combat zones who need help. A care package can comprise many helpful things such as personal grooming items, food, games, books, and anything else you think they’d enjoy.
  2. Visit Vets Sick/Injured in a Hospital
    • You can go about this in a few different ways. There are many veterans, living in VA hospitals, regular hospitals, or assisted living facilities, who get little interaction with the outside world. Even among the bedridden, many vets love to tell stories, but can’t always find a friendly ear. You can change that this Veteran’s Day.
  3. Invite a Veteran Guest Speaker
    • Are you a schoolteacher who’d like to do something novel for your pupils? Veterans have tons of wisdom to impart to children and enlighten them in so many ways. This could be a great idea for high school students considering a career in the military, who could use some first-hand perspective.
  4. Organize Veteran Recognition at Your Job
    • Are you a supervisor or manager at your business? Chances are you have a few veterans on your staff you can recognize. This can be as simple as a “thank you” or even planning a celebratory lunch in their honor.
  5. Send Veterans a Thank-You Card
    • Even something as quaint as a hand-written thank-you card will go a long way to honor service veterans. You can do this for one or more of the veterans you know at work, in your neighborhood, or in your family.
  6. Support Vet-Owned Businesses
    • If you can figure out whether a business is veteran-owned, you can go there for a meal or utilize other services. Many vets own small businesses and they’ll be glad to see you during the week around Veteran’s Day.
  7. Cook a Meal for a Veteran Family Member or Neighbor
    • Do you know a veteran who’s lonely and could use a satisfying meal? This is a great thing to do for anybody, but especially a veteran. We accept donations for veterans because many of them struggle with their finances, which can contribute to nutritional deficiencies.

These are just a small sample of ways you can spread joy and honor veterans simultaneously. That’s the core of our entire mission at SRQ Vets, where we focus on assisting our local heroes around Sarasota, Florida. If you’d like to learn more about how we do that, call us anytime at 941-777-8387.

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