Medal of Honor Day

There is no higher honor that can be awarded to a member of the military than the Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor rewards service members for their bravery under fire during wartime. While Medal of Honor recipients should be celebrated all year long, they have a day where they are celebrated and honored. Here is more information about Medal of Honor Day. 

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What Is Medal of Honor Day? What Is the History of the Medal of Honor?

The Medal of Honor is such special recognition, it must go through a stringent review process by the military and Congress. In fact, it is sometimes called the Congressional Medal of Honor. 

While there have been medals awarded for valor in the battle for centuries, the Medal of Honor is rarely awarded. Abraham Lincoln began the award during his time as president, to reward soldiers who sacrificed everything for their brothers in arms. While there have been over 3400 Medals of Honor awarded since the Civil War, only a handful of medals have been awarded since the Vietnam War. Most of the time, the Medal of Honor is awarded posthumously, which signals total sacrifice in the line of duty. 

Medal of Honor Day for 2021 takes place on March 25th. There are public ceremonies that honor soldiers who have received the Medal of Honor. You can support the valor of those soldiers yourself by flying the American flag, by attending ceremonies honoring Medal of Honor recipients, by adopting a grave of a Medal of Honor soldier or contributing to a charity that supports veterans. 

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