Spread Love to Veterans on Valentine’s Day

It goes without saying that the veterans who have served our country are owed an immeasurable debt of gratitude. When it comes to saying “thank you”, we sometimes find ourselves at a loss. How can we even attempt to repay such a tall order of service? How can we possibly comprehend that sacrifices and acts of complete selflessness made by so many in the name of freedom and democracy? The truth is, the entirety of the debt is so enormous that we can’t comprehend it. However, this Valentine’s Day, we can show our gratitude and extend our undying respect for those who have given so much to so many. 

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Whether you decide to make a financial contribution or pledge some of your hard earned free time to volunteer, donation is one of the single most sincere ways you can show your gratitude. There are several charities that assist with veterans—both of those who are returning home and those who are still adjusting to life after conflict. 


You don’t have to be an accomplished wordsmith to write a grateful letter to those who have proudly served. It’s the act of spending your time to express your feelings of gratitude that those on the front line or at home will appreciate deeply. Programs such as Operation: Gratitude allow for letters to reach our brave men and women on the frontline. There are also programs such as Operation: Write Home, which allow for donations so our veterans can have the supplies they need to contact their loved ones while they’re overseas. 

Talk & Listen

One of the best ways you can donate time is by spending it with local veterans. If you’re not much of a talker, there’s a compromise that can easily be reached—you can listen. Some of these men and women have seen sights that defy all logical comprehension. Just sitting down and allowing them to tell you the stories of their experiences, sacrifices, and ordeals can be one of the best gestures of loving kindness and gratitude imaginable. 

And remember, saying “thank you” is always free and one of the best presents you can possibly offer. 

SRQ Vets

There are many veterans that call Sarasota and the surrounding areas home. SRQ Vets is an organization comprised of veterans helping their brothers and sisters in arms. For information on the services they offer and to find out how you can donate, visit srqvets.us.

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