The New PACT Act Promise Has Been Delivered

At the risk of sounding cynical, it’s always a relief when politicians come through on their promises and put forth a considerable effort to help those in need. No matter which side of the aisle your politics may fall, there’s no denying that President Joe Biden’s passing of the PACT Act is a major step forward in assisting the ongoing struggles that many veterans are still experiencing. 

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What Does PACT Mean? 

PACT, which stands for Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics, is an act passed by congress intended to bring substantial reforms and improvements to the health care of veterans who have been exposed to toxic substances during their service in the United States Military. For many years, veterans have been struggling with an uphill battle to have certain illnesses linked to their military services. The PACT act is one of the largest benefit expansions in the history of Veterans Affairs. 

This new legislation is expected to provide the necessary help and support to over 3.5 million American veterans. One of the most impressive and beneficial aspects of the bill is how far it will reach back in terms of providing for veterans. Recent combat veterans from the campaigns fought in Iraq and Afghanistan will be entitled to five more years of in-depth coverage, regardless of their health or any pre-existing conditions they might be afflicted with. Coverage will also be extended to combat veterans who served in the Vietnam conflict and who came into contact with agent orange.

How Do Veterans Receive Benefits from PACT? 

The good news about PACT is that it has no red tape that’s often attached to several governmental reforms. Veterans can apply for benefits immediately. The Department of Veterans Affairs considers any and all conditions established under the PACT act. Veterans are urged to apply for benefits immediately, and this can be done online, by mail, in person, and with the aid of a veterans service officer. Veterans who were previously denied a claim and urged to file a supplemental claim and your case will be reviewed under the Tennant of the recently passed PACT act.  

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The benefits of PACT act are a revolutionary change that will benefit many veterans in Sarasota and the entire country. If you’re looking to offer assistance to those who have served, SRQ Vets is a non-profit organization run by veterans to look after those who have sacrificed their time for freedom. For more information on us and the services we offer, pay us a visit at

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