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In 2020, the world was thrown upon its axis at the onset of a global pandemic. As many of us began to worry about the outcome, terms such as social distancing and quarantine became the new norm as we adjusted to a world of uncertainty. As a result, many individuals were forced to file for unemployment assistance, and many businesses were forced to close their doors due to the limited customer interactions. As the world has returned to a relative state of normalcy, many people have begun to re-enter the working world. While some have found employment with relative ease, some have encountered difficulty due to skills that are either outdated or limited. Among these are veterans. 

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If you’re a veteran or know someone who is, rejoining the workforce can present itself with a degree of difficulty. However, there are programs in place to help you further your education and obtain the necessary skills to become a viable member of the modern workforce. The most notable of these is what’s known as the VRRAP (Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program). This program has been specifically formulated to assist veterans in getting them trained in the necessary skills for the high-demand jobs that are opening up in a post-pandemic world. 

Those who qualify for the program are eligible for 12 months of having all tuition and fees covered and a housing allowance similar to that offered by the post-9/11 G.I. Bill. This covers education and training for any job determined as “high-demand” by the US Department of Labor. The funds are paid directly to the institution providing the training, with the last 25% being paid once you find employment in your new chosen field. This is a way to keep schools and other educational institutions accountable for their efforts in providing you with the necessary training to succeed. 

To qualify for the program, you must;

(1) Between 22 and 66 years old

(2) Unemployed as a result of Covid-19

(3) Ineligible for the post-9/11 GI Bill, veteran readiness and deployment, and the veterans’ educational assistance program. 

The program will stop accepting new applicants after December of 2022, so act quickly to take advantage of the program. 

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