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If you are a veteran, a family member, or a caregiver of a veteran there are a number of resources available to help with mental health issues. Veterans are tough but they don’t have to deal with mental health on their own. After active service or deployment, there is a high incidence of veterans having substance abuse issues, a high rate of suicide, and other mental health problems. It’s a very unfortunate situation but help is available.

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In fiscal year 2017, the VA reported that almost two million veterans received some sort of mental health treatment in a VA-approved program. Also, it is reported that more than 6100 veterans die each year by suicide. It is critical for families and caregivers to help veterans get the  help they need.  But mental health concerns affect more than veterans. Spouses and children of vets are affected by long deployments, the stress of being around an affected veteran, and issues of their own. It is just important to support them as well as the caregivers who deal with injured or ill veterans suffering from mental health issues.

In the greater Sarasota area, we work to support vets through Operation Rubix ( with a variety of mental health programs, group therapy, physical therapy, and other programs such as massage and life coaching. 

SRQ Vets is a non-profit organization founded specifically to deal with the issues veterans are facing every day. We are a group of veterans helping other veterans located in Sarasota County Florida. We take pride in having a positive impact both on the veterans we help and our local community. For more information on how we might assist you or someone, you love please call 941-777-8387 or email

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