U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Birthday

The United States Coast Guard Reserve’s birthday is celebrated every year on February 19. The Coast Guard Reserve wasn’t always military in nature. It first began in the 1930s as a civilian reserve operation. Since the 30s, it has evolved into something much greater.

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The “regular” Coast Guard was founded in 1790. The Coast Guard is a branch of the military that protects bodies of water. The Coast Guard plays a role in international battles, but they also help locate missing boats and people in bodies of water across the country.

Years after the Coast Guard was founded, the Auxiliary and Reserve operations of the Coast Guard were added to this military branch. The 1939 version of the Coast Guard Reserve was also known as the Coast Guard Auxiliary. It was intended as a way for civilian boat owners to promote water safety and seamanship. This version of the Coast Guard Reserve is similar to today’s Coast Guard Auxiliary.

The Coast Guard Reserve has since evolved to a reserve unit for the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard Reserve was called upon during the Vietnam War, during Koreon conflict, and during many other times in American history. Even though the Coast Guard Reserve’s birthday is not a federal holiday, it is still celebrated every February 19. To celebrate, we honor the members of the Coast Guard Reserve who help keep our bodies of water safe and protected.

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