Addressing the Mental Health of Veterans

Two of the biggest tragedies that continue to occur in our time are the still-existing stigmatization of mental health and the lack of care and compassion for many returning veterans. For several years, mental health was considered as either weakness or justified inferiority to the masses. Care was limited and for some completely non-existent. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the lack of treatment for veterans returning home from a tour of duty. In the early 1900s, PTSD went largely undiagnosed and was simply referred to as “shell shock.” While times have changed, the lack of compassion is still a problem for many. 

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The Problems Beneath the Surface 

One of the hardships that accompany mental health is a lack of recognition. We can’t always see that someone’s suffering and the problems that scar the psyche and hinder normalcy are beneath the surface. The question then becomes a matter of “what can be done?” 

Recognition and Counseling 

Because of the stigma that’s existed regarding mental health, it’s sometimes difficult for someone to discuss these matters with their friends and family. However, there is a solution to this issue, and that’s seeking professional counseling. For many, it’s easier to talk about these serious issues within the confines of group therapy or an individual counseling session. Whatever matters are discussed in these environments are held in the strictest form of confidentiality.  

Advantages of Counseling 

When it comes to depression and PTSD, there is no “quick fix” and tackling these issues takes time, empathy, and understanding. Counseling is much more than simply talking about the problems in hopes that they’ll dissipate with the passing of time. The advantage of counseling is that it’s a very personal journey of self-discovery where a great deal can be identified and treated effectively. 

Counseling can identify the various triggers, stressors, and causes of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. These matters can be dealt with in healthy and constructive ways known as coping, which provides a much better alternative to what many have done with the use of drugs and alcohol. If the problems are serious enough and warrant them, there are medications that are available which can help treat the issues alongside therapeutic counseling. 

Above all else, we should be aware that these problems are very real, and though they lie beneath the surface, they’re important to know about and treat without the passing judgment. Get the facts and become aware, there is no knowledge that is not power. 

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