Celebrate the Air Force, Coast Guard, and Purple Hearts

August is a special month for the American military. Air Force Day is August 1, Coastal Guard Day is August 4, and Purple Heart Day is August 7. Celebrate the Air Force, Coast Guard, and Purple Hearts this month.

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Air Force Day is a day used to celebrate airpower in the aftermath of World War II. This day was last observed on August 1, 1949. The Air Force is more commonly celebrated on its birthday, September 18. However, it’s important to recognize Air Force Day to gain a stronger understanding of the history of the United States Air Force and its dominant power in international battles.

Coast Guard Day is a day used to recognize and honor the United States Coast Guard. This day is considered an “internal” event for active and reserve Coast Guard members, as well as civilian employees, retirees, and members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Purple Heart Day is a day used to remember and honor individuals who received a Purple Heart for their service in the United States military. Purple Heart Day was first observed in 2014. The day is celebrated by individuals recognizing the service and sacrifice of local Purple Heart recipients. Major League Baseball also pays homage to local Purple Heart recipients during special pre-game and 7th inning ceremonies. Veteran and military organizations also hold remembrance meetings, while the Purple Heart Foundation has a fundraising event.

This month, you can honor the Air Force, Coast Guard, and Purple Hearts by learning more about the United States military. You can also pay it forward by making a donation to SRQ Vets. We are an organization of local veterans who serve our fellow local veterans by connecting them to mental health resources, home improvements, medical treatments, and so on. To get in touch with SRQ Vets, call 941-777-8387.

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