Where does the concept of group therapy fit into providing help and relief for veterans? While it’s certainly not the only approach to helping a lonely vet, it does play an important role. Community indeed heals, which is why SRQ Vets wants to highlight some of the reasons we like this so much.

sarasota veteran group therapy

What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

  • Although it can be intimidating to meet with others for the first time, this is a great way to exchange ideas and dialog. One-on-one counseling and support is excellent, too, but sometimes it really helps to gain multiple perspectives in a frank and honest group discussion.
  • Groups serve as a soundboard. If you’re somebody struggling with any type of problem (addiction, anger, stress, frustration, fear, etc.), it helps to air things out (within reason) to others. This is great for people who struggle with “bottling” their thoughts and emotions for lack of an effective outlet.
  • Groups also help with accountability. It’s a terrific way to set improvement goals, let others know about them, and then accept their feedback. Whereas on your own, you might not be able to stay on track with an improvement plan.
  • It relieves the mental roadblock that comes from thinking you’re the only one suffering from a particular problem. This is especially true for the veterans we help. After they leave the service, it’s possible to lose contact with other vets who went through similar circumstances. A properly curated group session with like-minded folks can help a veteran heal just by virtue of not feeling like their suffering is unique to them.

There are several ways to arrange these sorts of meetings or exchanges. With psychiatric support, you can utilize an organized and scientific approach to keep the group structured and goal-oriented. That being said, even just an informal gathering can address the crippling loneliness that some men and women experience.

Applying Group Therapy to Veterans in Sarasota

This is one of the things we like to take advantage of sometimes at SRQ Vets. We can always use your help in facilitating, leading, or just joining group activities and discussions with local veterans. It’s a solid component of our overall service itinerary, which includes other helpful tasks like PTSD assistance, home repair, educational support, job placement support, and so forth.

You never have to limit yourself to a small arsenal of solutions when it comes to supporting veterans. It helps to get creative and think outside the box.

SRQ Vets devotes its entire mission and existence to assisting American veterans in any way possible. If you’d like to make a contribution to our efforts or find out more about us, contact us at any time at 941-777-8387.

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